This weekend I finished my first large framing project that I've been laboring on for Lisa during the last several weeks -- a custom 42"x34" solid oak frame for one of the many beautiful photos my brother shot of the kids while we were in Florida last August (see photos below).
I saved [literally] hundreds of dollars by crafting this frame myself and ended-up with another one-of-a-kind handcrafted wood project -- custom routering my own frame (from the finest of oak wood), custom staining the wood to our color requirements, cutting my own custom dual-layered mat-board, glass and mounting. It turned out quite professional considering this was my first framing project...
Our only wish was that we had the poster-photo printed just 20% larger -- we ended up with a larger mat-board margin than originally desired -- but it will suffice for my first large framing project! Besides, wait till you see the next framing project I'm working on for Lisa!
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Gary Brown